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What is the maximum file size for ChromeOS devices?
What is the maximum file size for ChromeOS devices?
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In accordance with the current ChromeOS restrictions, we have found that the maximum file size the device can handle at a time is now 1/5th of the total RAM of the device.

What it essentially means is we will restrict customers to only using files that will have a chance of being successful of the ChromeOS devices they have by adhering to this new change and adding an additional 5% buffer to ensure any files close to the limitations are accounted for.

Please Note

How do we calculate file size:

Maximum Indiividual File Size = 1/5th of Overall Device RAM - 5% Buffer.
Example: 1937 RAM divided by 5 = 387.4MB - 5% = Max File: 368MB
Example: 3884 RAM divided by 5 = 776.8MB - 5% = Max File: 737MB

Further Examples:
Chromebit (CS10) - 2GB divided by 5 = 400MB - 5% = Max File: 380MB
ASUS Chromebox - 4GB divided by 5 = 800MB - 5% = Max File: 760MB

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