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What is the recommended firmware for running Signagelive on my BrightSign device?
What is the recommended firmware for running Signagelive on my BrightSign device?

This article details the current recommended BrightSign firmware for running Signagelive on your BrightSign devices.

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To acquire optimum performance from Signagelive on your BrightSign devices, we recommend running at least the minimum supported firmware listed in this article.

Recommended firmware for BrightSign 3 and 4 Series devices

  • For all models of 3 and 4 series models, we advise using firmware version 8.5.47. You can download this directly from the BrightSign website here.

Recommended firmware for BrightSign 5 Series devices

Please Note

Firmware files provided in this article are the minimum recommended versions we have tested and approved for use with Signagelive and are not necessarily the latest available from the manufacturer.

How to update the firmware on your BrightSign device

  1. Identify and download the correct firmware file from the list above.

  2. Extract the ZIP and copy the .bsfw file to the root directory of your SD/microSD card.

  3. Insert the card into your BrightSign player.

  4. Power on the BrightSign player.

  5. The Pwr LED will flash during the update process to let you know the update is happening.

How do I identify what firmware my BrightSign device is currently running?

The easiest method for identifying which firmware your BrightSign device is currently running is to power on your device without an SD card inserted. This will result in the Hardware ID and Firmware Version being displayed on the connected screen once your device boots up.

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