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Using a Datapath Video Wall Controller
Using a Datapath Video Wall Controller
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In this article, we will be focusing on the Datapath Hx4 model of Video Wall Controller and how that can be used to distribute 4k content to a 4 display video wall, further empowering your use of the Signagelive platform.

Please Note

We have chosen to use a 4 display video wall in this example, however, you can use less than 4 displays with each Hx4, and you can use multiple Hx4 devices together to create larger or smaller video walls.

What is a Datapath Video Wall Controller?

Datapath provides hardware and software solutions to assist with the setup and configuration of Videowalls. The Datapath Hx4 allows you to distribute content (up to 4k resolution) that can be divided and configured using the Wall Designer Software.

You can learn more about Datapath and their products by visiting

What do I need to connect my Hx4?

To set up and configure your video wall controller and displays, you will need:

  • A PC or Mac (with USB and HDMI output)

  • A Signagelive Media Player (any device with a HDMI output)

  • A Hx4 video wall controller

  • 4 displays (with HDMI input)

  • USB cable

  • HDMI cable to connect Player to Controller

  • HDMI cable to connect a controller to each display

  • The latest version of Wall Designer software

Initial setup

  • Install the latest version of Wall Designer on your PC or Mac.

  • Connect your player to the HDMI Input and your screens to the HDMI outputs on the back of the Hx4. Also, connect your PC/ Mac to your HX4 using a USB lead.

  • Optional, connect the Hx4 to your local network via the ethernet port on the back of the Hx4. (See network configuration steps listed later in this article)

  • Power on the Hx4.

  • Open the Wall Designer application on your PC/Mac.

  • Select the Monitors tab.

  • Select the Manufacturer from the drop-down.

  • Select the model from the drop-down on the right.

    • Should your model not be listed, select a similar screen and adjust the Monitor Properties to match your screen in the section below

  • Select Add monitors, click on the grid to add the screens in the desired pattern and orientation.

  • Click the Add Monitors to Wall button

  • The screens should now show in Wall Designer, you can now fine-tune placement using the grid.

  • When you are happy with the design, select the INPUTS tab at the top of the screen.

  • Click the Create button, you can now select a Sample Source to assist with fine-tuning the video wall setup.

  • You will see a blue outline in the wall designer, this represents the Input and can now be moved and resized to fit the video wall design.

  • Once you are happy with the Input placement, select the Devices tab.

  • From the Auto-Configure section, click Hx4.

  • You should now see an image of your device in the centre of the screen. Right-click the Hx4 box and click Associate Device, you should see the USB connection to your Hx4.

  • You should now see your input highlighted in blue with a grey rectangle beneath, drag the grey box to the input (the HDMI symbol at the top of the Hx4), do the same for your screens to the outputs highlighted green, these should match the physical connections on the actual Hx4 box.

  • Once complete, click the Apply Settings button in the top right, your video wall is now configured. Should you need to make any adjustments, you only need to change the settings in the relevant section and click the Apply Settings button again.

Your Datapath Hx4 will now distribute the content you publish to the input source (your Signagelive Player) across your video wall, splitting the contents to show the correct segments on the correct display.

Can I configure my Hx4 using my browser?

Yes, if you have a wired network connection and have followed the steps above for the initial configuration, you can reconfigure your Hx4 via your web browser, by navigating to the video wall controller's IP address.

Follow the below instructions to allow this:

  • To adjust the settings on the Hx4 without re-connecting via the USB cable, you will need to connect the Hx4 to your local network via the ethernet port

  • After initial setup, open the Devices tab in the Wall Designer application and click the image of your Hx4, you should now see the device and network properties on the left-hand side. Input your desired network configuration and set a password, once complete click apply settings in the top left to update the Hx4

  • Once complete you can adjust the video wall set up by opening the Hx4's IP address in your browser

What’s next?

Now that you have configured your Hx4 to show the content correctly on your video wall, you can simply publish your content to your Signagelive Player and the Hx4 will do the rest for you.

For more information on publishing content in Signagelive, take a look at this Help Centre section.

What will result will be your content split into 4 parts and distributed evenly across your video wall, showing 1920x1080 content on each landscape display. We recommend that you use 4k content in this setup to maximise the quality of the content shown.

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