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Can my player play content without an internet connection?
Can my player play content without an internet connection?
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The short answer is, yes. Players can store content locally for 90 days without an internet connection (excluding the legacy PC player) and play it on screen as last scheduled through Signagelive. After 90 days the default green tick content will appear on screen. To address this, you will need to determine why the player lost its internet connection for such a long period of time. If you need any assistance with this please contact our support team (more information on this can be found at the foot of this article).

There is some additional information you should keep in mind with this however: the above only applies to content that does not require an internet connection in order to play, for example images, videos and certain widgets and web pages. Widgets and web pages that require an internet connection to show will not work if a player is offline, for example a weather widget.

The 90 day point at which the default green tick content shows is controlled by the date the last update was sent to a player through Signagelive. When you make a content or setting change in Signagelive that needs to be sent to a player, these changes are stored and sent to a player in a configuration file, and these updates are time-stamped. It is from this time-stamp that the green tick content gets its start date, which is essentially: latest content / setting update sent to player + 90 days. If a player is offline for a prolonged period of time, it will not receive subsequent updates sent through Signagelive, and thus the default green tick content stored on the player will have an outdated start time according to the last update it received before going offline.

Please Note

If a player has a stable internet connection but no updates are sent to a player by design, then the default green tick content will still show in this scenario after 90 days as the situation is the same either way: the start date of the default green tick content will not be pushed back, as explained above.

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