How do I update the firmware of my device?
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To acquire optimum performance from Signagelive on your BrightSign device, you will need to ensure that it is using the latest firmware available from BrightSign. You can download the firmware files from the BrightSign Knowledge Base before following the instructions below to update the firmware of your device.

Important Note

The minimum supported firmware version supported by Signagelive is 7.1.65 and for HD4 and LS4 Series models you will need 8.2.72. Please ensure that your device is running at least this version to work with Signagelive.

  1. Download the correct firmware file from the list below.

  2. Copy the .bsfw file to the root directory of your SD/microSD card.

  3. Insert the card into your BrightSign player.

  4. Power on the BrightSign player.

  5. The Pwr LED will flash during the update process to let you know the update is taking place.

Download Recommended Firmware

How can I find out more?

If you have any additional questions about changing the configuration of your BrightSign Player, please consult the BrightSign Knowledge Base, or speak with the Signagelive Support Team by contacting us.

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