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Configuring your BrightSign to run Signagelive and AdMobilize
Configuring your BrightSign to run Signagelive and AdMobilize
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AdMobilize is an AI software platform that offers anonymous audience measurement. Using a camera and their online dashboard, you can measure people, crowds, and vehicles.

In order to take their audience analytics to the next level, an integration has been developed to take into account the data provided by our Proof of Play module. Not only can you see how many times your content is displayed, but you can also see how many people saw it, how long they watched for, and even how they reacted!

Requirements before you begin:

  • An active Signagelive Player and Network

  • Proof of Play enabled on that network

  • An Authorisation Token for Proof of Play (you should request this via the Signagelive Live Chat before beginning the guide below so it is available for when you need it)

  • A webcam

Please Note

Proof of Play is an additional paid-for module. For further details please contact [email protected]

In order to successfully install Signagelive and AdMobilize, you will need to install each part separately as trying to add Signagelive and AdMobilize in a single step can cause issues.

Setting up an AdMobilize account

If you do not have an AdMobilize account already, you will need to set one up as a first step. To do this, please contact [email protected] and ask for a new account with Signagelive integration. By mentioning it is for Signagelive, the AdMobilize team will be able to set up your account as required and provide the documentation referenced below.

As part of your onboarding, you will be introduced to a member of their team. Wherever Contact AdMobilize for Support is mentioned below, this is who you should communicate with.

Installing Signagelive

The first thing you will need to do is configure your BrightSign player for Signagelive. In order to do this, please follow the steps provided in this guide.

If Signagelive is already running on your BrightSign, please move on to the next steps.

Installing AdMobilize

There are two elements to this;

  1. Provisioning your BrightSign.

  2. Installing the AdMobilize files.

Provisioning your BrightSign

This is something AdMobilize will do for you. To do this you will need to supply AdMobilize with:

  • The Serial Number for your BrightSign

  • The Mac Address for your BrightSign

  • Your AdMobilize Username

Once your device has been provisioned it will appear in your AdMobilize dashboard.

Installing the AdMobilize files

You should have been provided the setup documentation when your AdMobilize account was created. If not, please contact AdMobilize for support.

The installation guide will include Download Links for the required .bsfw file for your specific model. Once you have downloaded this file, please follow the steps below to install AdMobilize onto your BrightSign device alongside Signagelive:

  1. Eject the micro SD card from your BrightSign

  2. Insert into your computer

  3. Drag and drop the correct .bsfw file to the root of the micro SD card.

  4. Re-insert into your BrightSign

  5. Reboot your BrightSign.

AdMobilize will now install itself onto your BrightSign along with Signagelive. Once the installation is complete, you should see the light on your connected camera come on.

To verify that the installation has been successful, you can go to your AdMobilize dashboard. If successful, the device will show as ‘Device Detecting’ with a green icon and will be generating audience data. If this is not the case an hour after installation, contact AdMobilize for support with details of your BrightSign player and the issues you have.

Please Note

The first time your device boots up after installation can take 15-30 minutes before the player is ready.

Please Note

The AdMobilize files provided may downgrade the firmware on your device. As good practice, for security and stability, you are advised to upgrade the firmware to the recommended version and follow the guide here for support with upgrading it.

Congratulations, you now have Signagelive and AdMobilize running side by side on your BrightSign. Next, you will need to add your Signagelive account and map your Signagelive player to your AdMobilize device.

Adding your Account and Mapping your Signagelive Player

Start within AdMobilize and add your Signagelive account;

  1. Navigate to Integration at the top right-hand side of the page.

  2. Select Signagelive from the apps on the left-hand side.

  3. Click Add Account

  4. Enter your Display Name (a name of your choosing for reference)

  5. Enter your Authorisation Token (previously supplied by Signagelive)

  6. Click Submit.

Now to map your Signagelive player;

  1. Remaining in the section above, click on the Device Mappings tab.

  2. Click Add Mapping

  3. Select your Account from the drop-down menu

  4. Enter your Signagelive Serial Number (the numbers that precede your player name in the Signagelive dashboard)

  5. Enter your Network ID (the numbers that follow your network name in the Signagelive dashboard)

  6. Select your Device ID from the drop-down menu

  7. Click Submit

If successful, you will be notified, and you will be able to view your device and the data generated within the dashboard by selecting the Signagelive app in the drop-down.

Please Note

You will need to enable Proof of Play on the players you want to measure the audience for. Please see the guides here on setting this up.

Please Note

Proof of Play is uploaded daily, so there may be a delay in the data appearing in your dashboard.

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