Browser vs Broadcast players
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Are you looking to show unique content on each of your displays?

If you answer yes, then the player you will want is a Browser player with a Standard licence for each unique player you wish to create. This will allow you to deploy content to each player, using the traditional '1 licence per player' model.

If you answered no, then the Broadcast player could be an excellent and cost effective solution for you. This licence/player type will enable you to deliver the same collection of images and web content to any browser in your organisation that requests it at the pre-generated broadcast URL.

Feature Comparison

Browser Player

  • Single Endpoint - Single schedule, per licence, which can be assigned to one player

  • Fullscreen / Layout playback

Broadcast Player

  • Multiple Endpoints - You can have a single schedule per licence, that displays content to multiple displays which use this URL on their own browser window

  • Fullscreen / Layout playback

Common Use case for each of these players

You could couple this player with a shortcut on your desktop, and this would offer a convenient place to Broadcast all of your Signagelive content from within your browser on command. Great for corporate presentations and quick internal messaging.

In short, the key difference between these two player types is that a Broadcast player will allow you to send the same content out to multiple endpoints.

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