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Please note

The Browser Player is designed for short lived playback in a single screen scenario such as screensavers on-screen collaboration solutions and not for 24/7 digital signage where we have more robust player solutions.

Whilst it's unlikely that you will exhibit any problems running the Browser Player 24/7 or across large canvases (multiple screen) it’s worth noting that the Browser Player lacks the inherent watch dogs, stability controls and configuration options found in our dedicated digital signage media players.

In scenarios where stability and extended canvases are required we recommend that purpose built media player solutions are deployed.

Where is Browser Player content stored?

All data and media for the browser player is stored in IndexedDB, when the player starts up, it does a check for IndexedDB support, and if it is not supported on a player, then it will say so and not load any further.

If you were to clear the IndexedDB data, then Signagelive would attempt to register as if it was a new install.

Can I use any Browser?

Not quite. While you might be able to set up your Browser Player in any Browser, unless it is listed in this article then you may be missing some features that ensure the best performance.

Can I use the Browser Player to host web content from my intranet?

Yes! And that’s an ideal use of the Browser. However, it’s worth noting that if your intranet is password-protected, then the Browser Player won’t be able to access your content unless your intranet allows that device to access the webpage without entering a password.

If you have a web page or web service that needs authentication, then why not reach out to our sales team? We might be able to create an app to provide a solution!

Can I show videos with the Browser Player?

Native video playback is not supported on the Browser or Broadcast player types, therefore you won't be able to publish video files from your asset library. However, video content can be streamed through our YouTube app, another video hosting site or a custom widget.

I’m currently showing web content with a standard licence, can I change to a Web Content Licence?

Certainly. However, we cannot convert one licence type to another. This means you will need to deactivate your standard licence, add a Web Content Licence, and activate your Browser Player with this. If there is time remaining on your Standard Licence then unfortunately it will be lost unless you choose to activate it on another player.

How can I find out more?

We have a dedicated Support Team that are ready to assist you with any questions you may have, so please contact us for any help you require. If you are interested in using the Browser Player, please contact the relevant Sales team for your region here.

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