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How does the Broadcast Player work?

Signagelive's broadcast player allows you to deliver content via URL. There is no limit to how many times this URL can be used. The channel of content that you can deliver is tied into one experience. When updating a playlist or layout, this will update all devices currently displaying this URL. There is no limit to how many URLs can receive this.

Can I use any Browser?

We advise that the Broadcast player type is only used on PC/Mobile devices.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to release the Broadcast player to aid in communication for those now working from home. We believe this function will work on most browsers, however, some browsers may display content slightly differently. Please note that Internet Explorer is not supported.

Please note:

Some browser extensions, specially adblockers, may prevent the broadcast player from working correctly. Please add an exception for broadcast player URLs to get full functionality.

Can I use the Broadcast Player to host web content from my intranet?

Yes! And that’s an ideal use of the Browser. However, it’s worth noting that if your intranet is password-protected, then the Broadcast Player won’t be able to access your content unless your intranet allows that device to access the webpage without entering a password.

Also, please keep in mind that on most desktop browsers, only content delivered over HTTPS will work. This is also true for any external content.

If you have a web page or web service that needs authentication, then why not reach out to our sales team? We might be able to create an app to provide a solution!

Can I show videos and images with the Broadcast Player?

Yes, you can! However, videos will need to be streamed through our YouTube App as this player does not support offline storage. Also, if you’re using the Broadcast Player in conjunction with a Web Content Licence, then you need to stream standard video files too as this player does not support the use of video as a primary asset. Images can be published from your Signagelive asset library as usual.

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