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Why are some objects not being displayed in my Dashboard?

In the event that an object is not rendering in your Power BI Dashboard, please review if your reporting makes use of the UNICHAR function (including non-text characters such as symbols inside visuals). We have found in some instances that combining the UNICHAR function with New card visuals can result in objects not rendering correctly (or at all), therefore we advise against using the UNICHAR function in your Power BI reports/dashboard.

If you require the use of the UNICHAR function, please consider swapping out your objects for an image or a block shape.

Can I have a sync frequency faster than 5 mins?

We now supply the option to sync Data Integrations instances every 1 minute. This is an optional paid upgrade for the Data Integrations application, which you can acquire by getting in touch with our commercial team or your vendor/reseller.

What fonts are supported within Dashboards and Reports?

Dashboards and Reports are rendered on Linux using standard font packs and web fonts. As such, any fonts not available on Linux or web fonts with proprietary licences are not supported.

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