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Configuring your SharePoint Secure Dashboard with Signagelive
Configuring your SharePoint Secure Dashboard with Signagelive
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This following article will show you how to set up your Secure Dashboards feature in Signagelive to show SharePoint Page.

Requirements before you begin:

  • You must be on the Data Integrations page. For more information on this please view the How to access Data Integrations article.

  • You must have a SharePoint account with a created Page

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is a platform on which organisations can create sites among other things, such as site collections. It allows organisations to collaborate on the same project and files and relies on sharing of documents as a fundamental functionality. When used with Signagelive, it allows you to display your created SharePoint sites directly on your signage screens, without having to make them publicly accessible. (What is SharePoint - Article By Microsoft)

Step 1: Configure SharePoint in Secure Dashboards

First, navigate to the Secure Dashboard option in your Data Integrations application, from there, click Manage and then click the plus (+) button to add a new Dashboard.


On the new screen, you will need to change the following fields to match your use case:

  • Name - Please set this to something clear that you can refer to in the future.

  • Synchronization Schedule - Please change this to reflect how frequently you want the login to be authenticated.

Next, you will want to configure the access to the SharePoint platform, for this, please change the settings in the following way:

  • Login Type - Please choose "Microsoft"

  • Credentials - Please use your SharePoint credentials, or create new securely-stored credentials if you have not done this already with the "Add New" button.

  • Login Url - This should be set to ""

Optionally, you may press the "Test" button to see if your login was successful, you will know it has been successful if the screenshot shows the default page that appears after logging in. If another screen appears, the authentication may not have taken place.

Press Save to save these settings.

You have now configured access to your SharePoint Sites via Secure Dashboards. Next, you will want to add Pages, which will point to specific Sites on the SharePoint platform.

Step 2: Add Pages to your SharePoint Secure Dashboards

Pages refer to the individual SharePoint Sites you want to display in Signagelive you will want to create a unique page for each Site you want to have access to.

Please Note

You will only be able to publish the SharePoint Sites that have been captured as a Page. Providing your user credentials will not immediately give you access to all your created SharePoint Sites.

While in the Edit view of the SharePoint integration, please click on the plus (+) button in the Pages section to create a new page. Then set the following settings:

  • Name - Please provide a name that will identify this page from other SharePoint pages

  • Synchronization Scheduled - Feel free to leave this at "Use Website", but if this particular dashboard is updated more frequently, you may want to increase the Synchronization Schedule.

  • Page URL - This should point to the specific URL of your SharePoint Site, and should look similar to this: ""

  • Screenshot Type - This should be set to Fullscreen

  • Click on the green "Test" to ensure that your screenshots are appearing correctly

Press Save to save these settings, then press Cancel to return to the main configuration screen. From here, you can add more pages by repeating these steps for different SharePoint Sites.

Please Note

If you require post login action or capture a specific element or area of the page please contact our Sales Team for more information.

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