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How to upgrade your Samsung SSP Player's firmware
How to upgrade your Samsung SSP Player's firmware
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The following guide will show you how to upgrade the firmware on all supported Samsung Smart Signage Platform Players.

Please Note

If you find that your Samsung device is on a higher firmware than specified in the documentation then please consult with the Signagelive Support Team to discuss how we can assist you with this matter. Support can be contacted via email or live chat.

Where can I find the correct Firmware files?

You can see all the latest available firmware files for your Samsung SSP Player as well as the folder structure for updating using a USB drive in this document.

Please Note

Firmwares provided are the latest versions we have tested and approved and are not necessarily the latest available from the manufacturer.

Once you have downloaded the correct firmware files to your USB device, ensuring they match the folder structure also listed in the above link, you can insert this into your display's USB input and follow the below instructions to perform the firmware update.

Please Note

It is recommended that you factory reset and wait for at least 60 seconds after powering on or rebooting your display to proceed with a firmware update.

We also recommend you wait at least 30 seconds following insertion of your USB device to allow it to properly initialise and be available for use.

For all Samsung SSP Players, you can perform firmware updates by following the instructions below:

  • Switching to an input such as HDMI or DVI

  • Press Menu, Select Support > Software Update

  • You now need to select Update Now

  • The panel will now search for any updates and will take you through the process should any results be found.

Updating your Firmware remotely

It is possible to remotely update the Firmware on your D, E and Tizen Samsung displays. However, this tool is available to our Support team only at this time. To make a request for a remote firmware update, please reach out to [email protected] with details of your requirement and the Signagelive serial number of your Player.

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