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How to upgrade your LG webOS firmware
How to upgrade your LG webOS firmware
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With Signagelive for LG webOS, you can check and update your firmware version anytime. This guide will provide you with the relevant steps to check which firmware version you are running and how you can go about updating this.

Requirements before you begin:

  • LG remote control

  • A blank USB flash drive (formatted to FAT32 or NTFS)

  • Connection to either a wired or wireless network.

Please Note

Automatic firmware updates are not supported for LG displays and will need to be applied manually using a USB flash drive or remotely via the Signagelive Support Team.

How do I perform a Firmware Update?

There are a number of ways to update the firmware on your LG signage player.

The easiest method would be to add the firmware file to a USB stick and insert it directly into the player. This should launch the update utility automatically.

To do this, you will need to start by downloading the firmware for your player.

If you provide us with the model number of your player, we can help you find this.

Once you have downloaded the file, create a folder called LG_MONITOR on the root of your USB stick and copy the .epk file to this folder.

Once this is done, insert the USB stick with your downloaded firmware version into your LG webOS signage player, and the software update application will launch automatically.

If the update doesn’t start automatically

If the software update application doesn't launch automatically you can manually launch the update utility.

To do this access the settings menu on your player this may be called “Advanced menu” on panels older than WebOS 3.0).

Highlight the “General” subheading and press the “7” button on your remote seven times

Once the update window appears it will show any firmware versions detected. Select the correct version and click the Update button.

The player will run through the update process and automatically reboot when it is complete.

Please note

If you have a display that is v02.00.37 or older, please do not update both the SoC firmware and Micom firmware at the same time. Instead, run through the update process twice. Your screens Micom will update on the second attempt.

How do I check my firmware version?

This will depend on what WebOS version your player is running.

For instructions on finding the current firmware version of your player, read this guide.

Please Note

The firmware versions listed in our documentation are the latest versions we have tested and approved at this time and are not necessarily the latest available from the manufacturer.

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