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Configuring your LG webOS Players using USB Auto Setup
Configuring your LG webOS Players using USB Auto Setup
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This article should be used as a guide to assist you with setting up your LG webOS displays using a USB key to work with Signagelive.

Why would I want to use a USB device to configure my displays?

If you are configuring multiple LG webOS Players and wish to speed up or simplify the process, we would recommend you use the USB auto-configuration method.

How does the USB Auto Configuration work?

You can simply add the Autoconfiguration file to your USB device, insert it into the USB slot on your LG webOS Player, and power it on. This configuration will then be applied and Signagelive will be the default application whenever this Player is powered on in the future.

Please note:

SCAP deployment requires a wired internet connection from application installation to launch without any touch. If Wifi connection is used as the only network connection then this feature just sets properties in the SI Server menu but it does not download or launch the Signagelive application successfully and will lead to issue.

How can I use the USB Auto Configuration?

To set up your LG webOS Player/s using USB Autoconfiguration, please follow the steps below:

  1. Download the template scap_installation.json file:

    1. For webOS 1 and 2 get the file from here.

    2. For webOS 3+ get the file from here.

  2. For webOS 3+ if you need to change any of the default device settings such as language or timezone:*

    1. Open the downloaded file in a text editor

    2. Manually change the required settings

  3. Copy the scap_installation.json file to the root of your USB flash drive.

  4. Insert the USB flash drive into the USB port of the signage device.

  5. Turn on your signage device. The server settings defined in the scap_installation.json file will be loaded on the device automatically.

Please Note

For WebOS 3+, the default device settings are as follows;

  • Language - English

  • Continent - North America

  • Country - USA

  • Timezone - -

  • OSD Portrait Mode - Off

  • Content Rotation - Off

  • Internet Connection Type - Wired (Ethernet)

  • On Timer - Off

  • Off Timer - Off

Updating Firmware

Firmware must be updated separately from the auto-setup process. The firmware update process is documented in the Signagelive help centre.

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