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Signagelive for IAdea / ViewSonic / Planar Overview
Signagelive for IAdea / ViewSonic / Planar Overview
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IAdea / ViewSonic / Planar Players and Displays

IAdea / ViewSonic / Planar are a non-PC digital signage device manufacturer, offering a range of HD and 4K devices and Displays with an integrated player in sizes from 10โ€ to 24โ€ with options for motion-triggered content and multi-touch.

IAdea / ViewSonic / Planar devices powered by Signagelive are perfect for retail and hospitality applications, with the flexibility of HTML5 content support enabling the latest in interactive applications.

The IAdea / ViewSonic / Planar range of devices are supported by the Signagelive Standard Edition offering a very cost-effective digital signage solution. Features include; HDMI input for Live TV, multi-zone support, and enhanced monitoring and reporting.

IAdea devices are available globally through their network of distributors and resellers, ready for use with Signagelive.

How can I find out more?

You can find out more by visiting our Signagelive for IAdea / ViewSonic / Planar Players site, or by reading the articles within the IAdea / ViewSonic / Planar Player Help Centre Section. We also have a dedicated Support Team that are ready to assist you with any questions you may have, so please contact us for any help you require.

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