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Supported IAdea / ViewSonic / Planar Players and their features
Supported IAdea / ViewSonic / Planar Players and their features
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How do I know which Players are supported?

To see more Players and their plans within our development roadmap, click the following links:

What media files are supported?

At a high level, we recommend using the following commonly supported file types, however, a full summary of the current support can be found in the following document.

Please Note

The features listed in this article are just some of the items that our IAdea/Viewsonic/Planar Media Player application can achieve. For a full listing of supported media types and features, please take a look at the following link here.

  • Image: JPEG, PNG

  • Video: MP4 (H.264)

Media Playback Features

  • Full-screen and multi-zone layout support.

  • Landscape and portrait support.

  • Offline playback of media.

  • Widgets from our Marketplace

  • Nested and Localised Playlists.

System Management Features

  • Remote Firmware Updates.

  • The ability to use Screen Control to set screen ON/OFF.

  • Scheduled Reboots.

  • Wide array of device monitoring and reporting.

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