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I have lost access to my Authenticator, what do I do?
I have lost access to my Authenticator, what do I do?
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If you have lost access to your Authenticator application, you will need to log in using a Recovery Code and Disable 2FA on your account.

  • Log into Signagelive using your Username and Password

  • When prompted for a Verification Code from your Authenticator App, click Login using a recovery code and enter one of your 8 recovery codes

Please Note

Recovery Codes can only be used once, so if you have used all of these you will need to Generate New Recovery Codes before attempting to log in. A Network Administrator can grant you temporary access without the use of 2FA should you need to log in to acquire new recovery codes.

  • Once logged into your account, click on the Profile icon in the top right-hand corner of the Signagelive UI and click on your profile.

  • Click on the Two Factor Authentication tab and then click Disable 2FA

As you have logged in using a Recovery Code, Two Factor Authentication should be immediately disabled with no further action required. If you then click Enable 2FA you will be able to attach your Two Factor Authentication to a new Authenticator application.

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