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Signagelive Two-Factor Authentication - User Login
Signagelive Two-Factor Authentication - User Login
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How do I know if a network requires 2FA for my user?

If a network requires 2FA to access it, when viewing your networks in “My Signagelive”, these will be identified with a padlock icon next to the name.

What happens if a network requires 2FA but I haven't enabled it?

If your user doesn’t have 2FA enabled, after clicking a network in “My Signagelive” which requires 2FA you’ll be shown a screen, telling you the network requires 2FA.

You can either cancel the network selection and return to “My Signagelive” or go to your profile to enable 2FA. Once enabled you will be able to navigate back to “My Signagelive” and reselect the Network to get logged in successfully.

If you can’t or don’t want to enable 2FA for your Signagelive account but still need to access a Signagelive network that requires 2FA, please contact your Signagelive network administrator, as they may be able to temporarily disable the 2FA requirement for your user.

If that is done for you or the network does not require 2FA, then you will be logged in to the network without challenge.

How do I enable 2FA for my Signagelive user?

The User Profile section has a new Two Factor Authentication section added to it, which provides the mechanism for enabling 2FA, if it is not already done so, or disabling if it is already enabled.

After clicking the “Enable 2FA” button, a QR code will be displayed. To enable 2FA, scan the QR code with an authenticator app, such as Google Authenticator or Authy, and a new account will be added to it. Also make a note of the recovery codes listed, as these are specific to your user and will not be visible again, and these can be used to log in if you do not have access to your authenticator app. Once you have scanned the QR code and saved the new account, enter the supplied verification code in your user profile to complete enabling 2FA for your Signagelive account.

Please Note: It’s not possible to enter a listed recovery code to enable 2FA. After enabling 2FA, it is possible to generate a new set of recovery codes within your user profile in case you haven’t written them down, and if you do this, any previous unused codes will be disabled.

How do I log in with 2FA enabled?

Using a verification code:

When logging into Signagelive, if your user has 2FA enabled then you will be challenged to enter a verification code from your authenticator app. This verification code will be verified using the key configured for this user and will allow you to log in provided it is valid.

When logging in, it will also be possible to remember the computer you’re logging in from so you don’t have to verify with 2FA again for a set period. This period will be based on your network user/s, as the administrator of each network you have access to will be able to define against the network how long a user can be remembered for. Therefore, if you have access to multiple networks, then the number of days you are remembered for will be the smallest number of days set on the networks you have access to, which is set at the time you chose to be remembered.

Please Note: The user can only remember 2FA login on one device at a time.

Using a recovery code:

If you don’t have access to your authenticator app, you will also be able to click the “Login using a recovery code” option, which will take you to a different page to enter one of the recovery codes you were provided with.

Please Note: Recovery codes will only be able to be used once.

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