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What is Proof of Play, also how does it work?
What is Proof of Play, also how does it work?
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What is Proof of Play?

The Proof of Play feature within Signagelive enables a greater depth of analytics around asset playback and provides the process of recording the start and end time for when a media asset is played, which allows you to know whether your media has been played and how many times.

It is also possible on certain Players to know the reason that the media asset is playing and also the reason why the media stopped playing. The reasons a media asset may have started or stopped are as follows:

  • Scheduled

  • Interrupt

  • Synchronisation

Please Note: Proof of Play is a premium feature which can be enabled after purchase. Please contact the relevant Sales Team for your region to learn more about this.

How does Proof of Play work?

Proof of Play works by your Player sending a dedicated Signagelive API the relevant data from your device as to when the media asset started and stopped. It is this API that has been designed specifically for the handling of Proof of Play logs and providing the data to the user interface of your network.

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