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How is Proof of Play setup?
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If you have purchased the Proof of Play application, then the application will be automatically added to the Applications Menu drop-down within your Signagelive network and will be available to you at any time.

To set it up, there are 2 important elements to remember:

  1. You will need to enable Proof of Play on the Players you want to generate reports for.

  2. You will need to enable Proof of Play on the Content you want to generate reports for.

Enabling Proof of Play on your Players

Once enabled within your network, Proof of Play settings will be available for all your players but will remain disabled at this point. You can enable this on one Player at a time, or for multiple Players at once.

For either method:

  1. Login to your Signagelive network.

  2. Go to Network > Manage

From here you can open the individual Player and enable the check box on the Proof of Play tab under its Settings. Or you can select multiple Players using the check box beside them, then click the Player Settings tab and amend enable Proof of Play on the ones you have selected.

Enabling Proof of Play on your Content

Once enabled within your network, Proof of Play setup sections will become available within Signagelive against the following items:

  • Media Assets

  • Layouts

  • Layout Zone (not currently implemented)

  • Playlists

  • Playlist Media Assets (the Media Assets when added to a Playlist time line)

  • Custom RSS Feeds

  • Custom RSS Feed Items

  • Custom RSS Feed Item Media Assets

These items will all show a checkbox to decide if the item should be included in Proof of Play and set any references which will be included within Proof of Play reports. To enable Proof of Play, you will simply need to select the check box to enable it at the desired level as the diagram below explains.


Note you can get Proof of Play automatically enabled at the Media Asset level for any new asset uploaded to the network by going to the network properties page, Network Name > Edit:, enabling the “When uploading Media Assets set the "Include in Proof of Play" flag to true on the new Media Asset” option and clicking the Save button.

This means that all new assets published to players which have Proof of Play enabled on player settings will be logged and included in the Proof of Play reports avoiding the need of enabling Proof of Play at any of the levels detailed above. Note that existing assets won’t get Proof of Play enabled after enabling this setting.

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