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What Proof of Play reports are available?
What Proof of Play reports are available?
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When accessing the Proof of Play application, you have access to twelve different reports that allow you to monitor the playback of your media assets. These reports are grouped in to Daily, Weekly and Monthly, and for each of those groupings you can have four different types of report:

  • Verbose - Provides all details about your media playback.

  • Grouped by Media Asset

  • Grouped by Media Asset then Player

  • Grouped by Player then Media Asset

In terms of verbose reporting where everything is included, the following data columns are available:

  • Network ID

  • Network Name

  • Player ID

  • Player Name

  • Media Asset ID

  • Media Asset Name

  • Layout ID

  • Layout Name

  • Media Window ID

  • Media Window Name

  • Playlist ID

  • Playlist Name

  • Playlist Media Asset ID

  • Player References

  • Media Asset References

  • Playlist References

  • Playlist Media Asset References

  • Start Time

  • End Time

  • Duration (s)

  • Play Reason

  • End Reason

  • Display ID

  • No. of Displays

  • Logged Date

  • Asset URL

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