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How do I access Proof of Play reports?
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Proof of Play reports can be accessed via the Proof of Play Dashboard.

Within the Dashboard, you can select "Reporting" which is available on the top left of your screen.

Proof of Play AdHoc reporting

AdHoc reporting is available within this reporting function. This means you will be able to select your Start and End date for the report you would like to generate.

Once you have selected the required dates, you will then be able to select the players you wish to report on. If you wish to report on all of your Proof of Play enabled players, you can leave this tab defaulted to "All"

Below the player selected, you can open the Media asset/Campaign tab and either leave as the default "All Media Assets" or select the individual media assets you wish to report on.

Finally, select the "Produce report" button.

Your report will be emailed to you in an Excel format.

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