How to create a New Access Request
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A Network Access Request will need to be created and approved before a Signagelive Team can access your Signagelive Network. All users have the ability to create a New Access Request which can then be approved or rejected by an Administrator or a user with the relevant Granular User Permissions. In this article, we will outline how you can raise a Network Access request.

To raise a new access request to an authorised approver on your Signagelive Network, please follow the steps below:

  • Access Signagelive and navigate to the Settings > Grant Network Access menu

  • Press the New Access Request button

  • Enter a Reason for access in the available area

  • Select which team you’d like to provide access to from the Signagelive team drop-down menu

  • Select an access duration from the Access duration drop-down menu

  • Select an access level from the Access level drop-down menu

  • Press Save

This request will now be raised to the relevant users on your Signagelive Network for approval. Once authorized, your selected Signagelive Team will be notified and will be able to access your Network for the allowed time period.

Please Note

You will not be notified if and when the request is rejected or approved.

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