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Publishing Synchronised contents
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Please Note: In order to publish synchronised contents to multiple Players, you will need to have followed the steps in this article to set up your Sync Groups.

Creating Synchronised Playlists

When you have correctly configured your Sync Groups, you will need to create multiple playlists of content. You can learn more about creating Playlists in this article.

You can also watch the following video to learn more about creating a Playlist:

Important Note: Each synchronised Player will need a Playlist of contents of an equal number of assets, overall duration and the contents within should also have the same duration and with video content, the same bitrate where possible. Failure to have matching Playlists will not allow synchronisation of those contents to take place.

Publishing your Synchronised Playlists

With one or more Playlists, you can now publish these to your Synchronised Players.

Watch this video to learn more about Publishing Synchronised contents:

Once you have published a Playlist to each of your Players within a Sync Group, they will automatically synchronise the starting point. If you have the same content in each Playlist, each display will show the same content at the same time, however, you can also have different files within each Playlist with identical durations, which will allow different contents to be synchronised, in a videowall, for example.

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