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You can view and preview your Published content by heading to the Content and Screen On/Off tab within the Player Manager.

To access this, you should follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Signagelive Network as User or Administrator

  • Select Network

  • Select Manage

  • Select the Player you wish to see the Published content for

  • Select the Content and Screen On/Off tab

You can preview any of the published content within any of the following areas by selecting the context menu (3 dots) to the right of any listed, published content.

The preview will show any Media Asset, Playlist or Layout published to your Players. Including any Media being shown within the zones of a Layout

You can skip forwards and backwards, pause or stop any Playlist content shown in the preview window.

Default Playlists

You will firstly see the Default Playlist content, if you have published a Default Playlist to your Player. To learn more about Default Playlists and how to Publish them, have a look at this article.

Published Contents and Schedules

You can then see all the Published content listed. You can see the following information within the Published content section:

  • Name - This is the name of the Content that you have published, we recommend that you clearly name your content, to make it easy to identify at this point

  • Download Status Icon - The red or green icon shows the current status of your Published content. Red shows that your Player has not yet completed its download, green representing that the Player has finished downloading its latest published content.

  • Start - This shows the date/time that your content will begin being played. This is defined when you publish your content.

  • End - This will show the end date/ time for your published content to stop showing, you can set a date/ time during the Publish process, or you can leave your content to play indefinitely.


You will see the following information about any Interrupts that you have published to your Player here:

  • Interrupt name - shows the name of the content Published as an Interrupt, again, try to maintain a good naming convention to ensure your content is identifiable

  • Duration - shows either Play to Length or the set duration the content is set to play for

  • Start - this shows the reason for triggering (ie. Key Press A)

  • Stop - the reason for the interrupt stopping (ie. Key Press B)

  • Menu - Allows you to Preview the selected interrupt, or delete it

Content Download Progress Bar

At the top of the Content and Screen On/Off tab, is a Content Download Progress Bar which indicates how far along your most recent publication has progressed.

Tip: You can also move to the next tab along, 'Assets', to view a complete list of content on the selected Player.

Please Note: the Progress Bar shows the progress of the assets, not the progress of the total data downloading I.e. it will show 75% if 3 our 4 assets have downloaded, irrespective of the size of those individual assets.

Can I see what my Player is currently showing?

You can also use the Remote Screenshot feature to quickly see what your Player is currently showing, you can read more about this feature and the supported Players within this Help Centre Article.

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