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If your content does not show or change as or when you expect it to, the Player Dashboard should be the first place you check.

The coloured icons can tell you a lot about the status of your Signagelive Players.

What do the different colours on the Dashboard mean?

  • Green - There is no or fewer Players with faults than required to trigger an Alert or Warning

  • Amber - There is one or a number of Players with Alerts

  • Red - There is one or a number of Players showing a Warning.

How can I configure when these Alerts and Warnings show?

You can change your Dashboard KPIs to show different Alerts and Warnings dependant on the percentage of Players on your Network showing them.

For instance, you can set an Alert to show when 10% of the Players do not perform their scheduled Content Checks and a Warning to show when 20% of the Players do not perform their scheduled Content Check.

In this case, if you have 100 Players on your Network, if 10 of them fail to check in and download their newly published content, you would see an Amber Alert.

If a further 10 of your Players failed to perform their Content Check at its scheduled frequency, you would see a red Warning.

What could cause these Alerts and Warning?

There are many reasons for the Alerts or Warnings to trigger, however, the most frequent causes tend to be very obvious and simple to rectify, such as:

  • Is your Player powered on?

    • Check that the power is connected, did somebody unplug your device?

  • Is your Player connected to the network?

    • Have the network settings changed?

    • Has the network connection been unplugged?

  • If required, does your Player have an internet connection?

    • Have you configured the Player or network to allow access?

  • Has your content been published?

    • Check Reports - Queues - Network Queues to see if the content has fully Published

    • If you see the content has not Published, try re-saving your content, or re-Publishing

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