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Setting up Video Walls
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There are numerous ways of delivering video walls using Signagelive players, at a high level these can be divided into the main configurations with their pros and cons as we at Signagelive see them.

We have published this slideshow of different configuration options and their pros and cons for you to see which solution meets your requirements.

What else should I be considering?

You will notice we’ve not recommended a specific setup for 2x2, 3x3 etc. as this really depends on a lot of external factors, but hopefully, we've highlighted the right questions you may need answering to make a firm recommendation:

  • What is the resolution of the individual screens?

  • What is the max supported resolution of the Player/device you are using?

    • This includes LED controllers, what is the max resolution your controller can output?

  • How large is the video wall (number of screens)?

  • What content is going to be played?

    • Will you be displaying a single video that spans across all of your screens? or multiple videos that will make up your total image? (the sum of all the screens being used)

    • The device/Player being used will determine what encoding prerequisites your content requires - a good rule of thumb is to keep your content's resolution as close to the output resolution of your Player and/or LED controller as possible. If using multiple videos, ensure the summed resolution of all of the videos does not exceed the output resolution of your device/controller.

  • Who is going to manage it (what are their technical capabilities, can they slice content etc...)?

If you would like any further assistance, please speak with your Signagelive representative to discuss setup or pre-sales enquiries, or with our support team if you have any further assistance once set up (contact details below).

How can I publish content to my Videowalls?

You can learn more about publishing content to your synchronised players or videowalls in this Help Centre article.

Configuring video walls with irregular resolutions/aspect ratios

Whilst in most cases you should endeavour to have your video content match the output resolution of your device, if this is not possible then we recommend having the resolution of your content as close to the output resolution of the output device as possible.

To achieve unique resolutions, you can make use of the Layout Designer which will allow you to create a custom canvas at a resolution of your choosing. You can then embed your content using Schedulable Zones to attach your Playlists of video content to this Layout.

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