Configuring your PC for a videowall
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This is a guide for setting up a PC player with multiple outputs to display across your videowall set up.

What do I need?

  • A multi-output PC player

  • A multi-output licence that corresponds to the number of screens you have. (A 4 output/4 display videowall will need a 4 output licence)

  • A mouse and keyboard

Please Note

You can configure your PC before or after activating your player.

Configure your Signagelive application settings / outputs

  1. Extending Signagelive across multiple displays

  • Press Ctrl + S whilst the Signagelive application is running

  • Click on the tickbox that says 'Display Signagelive across multiple monitors.'

Connect your PC to the output displays

Configure your display settings

To correctly map your content over your displays you will need to gain access to your PC's display settings.

Method 1:

  1. Restart the PC and hold the shift key when it boots.

  2. This will stop auto-login and allow you to select the administrator account (It will be called “Admin”, “Signagelive Admin” or “Administrator”).

  3. Enter the password to access the Administrator account. (This password can be provided by our Support Team via the Live Chat upon request).

Method 2:

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to start the Task Manager

  2. Find the ‘Shell Launcher’ from the list of Background Processes. Right-click and End Task

  3. Find Signagelive in Apps. Right-click and End Task

  4. Click on File > Run New Task.

  5. Type explorer and click OK.

Either of the above methods will bring you to your desktop where you can now amend the display settings. To do this.

  1. Right-click on your Desktop Background

  2. Click Display Settings

  3. You can now rearrange your displays using the drag and drop interface.


Once you have dragged your screens into the right configuration for your display click Identify and make sure the order of the screens is as desired.

Now you have completed the setup, find and double click the Signagelive app icon on your background to launch the content across your configured screens. If you have made an error then you can repeat the steps above and rearrange your displays as required.

Finally, reboot your device to confirm the setup is complete.

Please Note

If you are using multiple videos across multiple screens, please ensure the summed resolution of all of your content does not exceed the output resolution of your PC (or your LED controller if you are using one). If using a single video, the same applies - the resolution should ideally not exceed the output resolution of your output device.

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