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Using the Slack App
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You can use the Slack App to integrate directly with your Slack account and display your various posts on-screen via Signagelive.

First of all, you’ll need to add the Slack app to your account from the Signagelive Marketplace. If you’re unfamiliar with how to do this, please see this guide.

Once you have added the Slack app to your network, you can either configure it in your Library or within your Playlist. To do either, simply double click to enter the asset properties, and follow the steps below.

Top Tip

Configuring the App in your Library (rather than your playlist) makes it easy to add multiple times to your playlist and show different Groups easily.

Authenticating your Account

To Authenticate your account, please follow this link to our Authentication App.

Once you have configured your account, you will be given a Token. You can copy and paste this Token into the relevant section of the Asset properties.

Please Note

Authentication must be carried out by a Slack Administrator. If this is you, great. If not, you can share the link above and request the Token by return.

Adding the Channel ID

The Channel ID is what directs Signagelive to a particular Channel you want to share content from. This Tag can be obtained from Slack itself:

  • Go into your Slack Account

  • Click on the Channel you would like to share

  • Go to the URL for the Channel, and Copy the ID (the collection of numbers that follow the ‘’ portion of the URL)

  • Paste the Channel ID into the Channel ID box on the Slack App.

Almost there!

Once you’ve added the Token and Channel ID, you can configure the other options:

  • Content Background Colour.

  • Footer Background Colour

  • Number of Messages to Display.

  • Post Display Time (Which can be defined in seconds).

You can now publish the App as part of a playlist, and it will automatically take posts from Slack and display them on your screen

Please Note

These feeds are updated every 5 minutes. So the display of posts will not be instant. Also, anyone in the Channel will see a notification telling them that the posts will be shared by Signagelive. Anyone new to the channel will receive the notification as well.

Top Tip

The default value for the number of messages to display will be 10, but if you want to display all messages for that group then you can set the value to 0.

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