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Using the Ambition App
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Ambition brings your Salesforce (and other CRM) data and metrics to life, enabling you to set goals, create scorecards, content, and much more. To help you make use of Ambition within your organisation, Signagelive has created this simple to use App.

Please Note

Ambition separate is a separate company to Signagelive, and to use this App you will need to sign up for an Ambition account. Contact their sales team here.

Adding the Ambition App to your network

First, you will need to locate the Ambition App within the Marketplace and add it to your network.

If you’re unsure where to find the Marketplace, or how you can add the content within to your network, please see this guide.

How to Set Up the Ambition App

In order to use the Ambition App you will need to be a signed-up user of their service. If you’re interested in this service, you can contact the Ambition sales team here.

If you are using the service, then you can access your page using the URL Ambition will create for you. Usually <Company name>

Due to the security concerns of opening up your Ambition URL, you will need to contact Ambition at [email protected] and request them to open up the token for non-authenticating devices - this ensures that you can share your URL without requiring your screens to enter a password and email for login.

Once you have your URL, and it’s been opened for non-authenticating devices, you can use it to configure the Ambition App within your library, or you can drag it into a Playlist.

From there you can double click on the App to open its properties and add the URL.

That’s it! You can save your Playlist to update, and go to the Publish section to make it live across your screens.

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