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Using the Tableau App
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The Tableau wrapper application allows you to share your public Tableau content directly to Signagelive. Embed and customize Tableau’s interactive, analytical capabilities to create a seamless experience with your products. Give your customers a way to ask questions and find meaningful insights.

To help you make use of Tableau within your organisation, Signagelive has created this simple to use App.

Adding the Tableau App to your network

First, you will need to locate the Tableau App within the Marketplace and add it to your network. If you’re unsure where to find the Marketplace, or how you can add the content within to your network, please see this guide.

How to Set Up the Tableau App

You can configure the Tableau App within your library, or you can drag it into a Playlist. From there you can double click on the App to open its properties.

The first box you can see is the ‘Content to Embed’ section. You can follow the steps below to populate this box.

  1. Navigate to a public profile on

  2. Open your project

  3. Click the Share icon on the bottom right corner

  4. Tableau will now show a “Share” modal

  5. Copy the URL located in the Link field, and paste it into the Content to Embed section.

Once you’ve added the URL, you can configure the other properties:

  • Allow Widget to Refresh - If set to “Yes” then this will refresh according to the time you set as the Refresh Interval

  • Refresh Interval (mins) - How often you’d like it to refresh.

  • You can also set any other Conditions or Scheduling options.

That’s it! You can save your Playlist to update, and go to the Publish section to make it live across your screens.

Please Note

Sizing of the project will not affect the size of the App as it will be scaled appropriately.

Please Note

Tableau will not work on LG WebOS 2 or Samsung E series.

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