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The Embed Code application takes an embed code snippet from a website or service (like YouTube or Google Maps) and renders the content making it easy to repurpose web content for your digital signs. It also takes pure HTML (e.g. divs, inline CSS) and renders the appropriate code (provided markup is correct).

To help you embed code from popular online services and show it on your screens, Signagelive has created this simple to use App.

Adding the Embed Code App to your network

First, you will need to locate the Embed Code App within the Marketplace and add it to your network.

If you’re unsure where to find the Marketplace, or how you can add the content within to your network, please see this guide.

How to Set Up the Embed Code App

You can configure the Embed Code App within your library, or you can drag it into a Playlist. From there you can double click on the app to open its properties.

The first box you can see is the Content to Embed section. To populate this box, locate the code you are looking to embed. Since the application supports multiple services, the way to retrieve the code will depend on the service you are using. Please check its online help and documentation to get the code.

Once you get the code, paste it into the Content to Embed section.

Please Note

If HTML code is entered then it must be valid mark-up, otherwise it will not render. There is a maximum character limit of 500 when inputting HTML code into the Content to Embed section -- this means anything past that will be cut off (which can lead to invalid mark-up).

Please Note

Embed Code supports both IFrames and Divs but does not currently support inline scripting due to character restrictions.

Please Note

Embed Code widgets served will by default run over HTTPS so please make sure that the source you are using is served using HTTPS.

Once you’ve added the URL, you can configure the other properties:

  • Allow Widget to Refresh - If set to “Yes” then this will refresh according to the time you set as the Refresh Interval

  • Refresh Interval (mins) - How often you’d like it to refresh.

  • You can also set any other Conditions or Scheduling options.

That’s it! You can save your Playlist to update, and go to the Publish section to make it live across your screens.

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Will this play a YouTube video?

Yes, we have support in playing a YouTube video - although this will only play once in the duration of the media asset. You can use Allow Widget to Refresh set to Yes to reload the Widget during its original asset duration if they want their embed code to reload at any point.
For extended YouTube functionality then please use our YouTube widget - for auto-looping videos, modest branding, etc.

Can I use Google Maps?

Yes, Google Maps information can be rendered with this widget so you can show useful location like your business’ current location (or markers for a different area like the hometown).

Can I create my own content to use?

You can either add embeddable iframe information or any content that you would normally add below the <body> element in a document. This includes information like <divs> and other content affecting the DOM or styling like <ul> and <li>s, but any content input this way has to have inline styling otherwise it will just be shown using default text. Any CSS styling has to be done inline and to each element through “style” attributes, we don’t support external stylesheet sourcing.

Can I use my own fonts?

No, this is not supported - currently, the embed code widgets purpose is to be used with pre-existing embed codes you can easily incorporate these into your layout or mock-up

Can <script> tags be embedded directly?

No, <script> tags being embedded directly in the document is not supported in the Signagelive platform (due to some panels having an incompatibility).

Please Note

The Embed Code App won’t work on the LG 2.0, Tizen 2.4 models, Philips P, D 43", Q Series.

How can I find out more?

More information about the content and Apps within the Marketplace is available in this Help Centre section. You can also speak with the Signagelive Support Team anytime, so please contact us.

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