What is a Static Zone?
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Each Static Content zone you add to your Layout can contain a single item or Asset. You can add as many Static zones as you like to your Layout, however, be sure to check your hardware capabilities to ensure playback will be as expected.

You can choose between any of the following Static Zone types in the Layout Designer:

  • Static Text

  • Static Image

  • Static Web

  • Static Widget

Please Note

Using a static Widget zone will cause the widget to refresh once every 10 seconds. We recommend that you add your Widget to a Playlist and use a Schedulable Zone where possible to avoid this visible refresh.

Each of these zones will allow you to chose a single asset (or text field in the case of a Static Text zone). If you wish to use more than one piece of media within a zone, you should use a Schedulable Zone and create a Playlist of Assets.

Watch these short videos to see each of the available Static Zones and their configuration options:

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