What is a Schedulable Zone?
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A Schedulable Zone allows you to create a space within a Layout for you to publish one or a number of Playlists into.

When you create a Schedulable Zone, you can configure its basic properties, but you essentially leave the zone empty whilst creating a Layout, ready to be populated during the Publish Process.

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What will happen if I don’t Publish any content within a Schedulable zone?

By default, if a Schedulable zone is left empty during the Publish process, it will remain empty and show the area beneath (ie. the background colour or image of a Layout). However, you are able to set a Default Asset within a Schedulable Zone.

A Default Asset allows you to set a sort of screensaver for if this particular zone is left empty. This can be any single asset, ie. an image, video, web page or widget from your Asset Library.

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