Introduction to the Layout Designer
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The Layout Designer in Signagelive is where you will create your multi-zone layouts to be used on your Players. Take a look at the Introduction to the Layout Designer video below to learn more about the Layout Manager, Designer and using Layouts.

You can also learn more about Playlists vs Layouts in the Help Centre article here.

You can access the Layout Designer by following these instructions:

  • Log in to your Signagelive User or Administrator account

  • Select Content

  • Select Layouts

This will take you to the Layout Manager where you can see any previously created Layouts.

You can also use the Smart Folders to navigate these Layouts and you can create Custom Folders by selecting Folder when you click the blue Add button.

How do I create a new Layout?

Click the blue ‘Add’ button and select Layout to create a new Layout template.

This will open the Layout Designer and you can begin to create your Layout.

Change the Layout Properties to reflect the resolution of the display/s you will be publishing this Layout to. You can manually set the resolution to suit a landscape or portrait display.

Can I change the background of my Layout?

Within the Layout Designer, choose the ‘Background’ option on the menu ribbon.

From here you can select a colour, enter your own custom colour, choose an asset from your library or upload a new background image.

What types of Media can I use in my Layout?

You can use any mixture of content within a Layout by adding Static or Schedulable zones to it. You can read more about these in the following articles:

Can I see the content added to my layout as a Preview?

You can, and this will be available when you Publish your Layout. This is because it is at the Publish stage that you add the Playlists and additional schedulable contents to your Layout, so to see the Layout with its included content, you are given a thumbnail preview during the Publish stage.

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