Triggering content with the remote control
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Remote control triggered Interrupts can be sent to your Player to trigger a change in contents by using the numeric keys on your Player's remote control.

Important Note

To use remote interrupts, you’ll need one of the following Player types:

  • Samsung SSP D/E Series

  • Samsung SSP Tizen 2.4, 3.0, 4.0 and 6.5 Series

  • Philips D, P and Q Line

  • All supported LG Web OS

Watch this video to learn more about creating an Interrupt and using your remote control to switch between contents:

Publishing an Interrupt

Follow the steps below to set up one or more Remote Interrupts:

  1. Log in to your Signagelive Network as an Administrator or User

  2. Select Content

  3. Select Publish

  4. Configure steps 1. When do you want this content to play?

  5. Select ‘As the result of a trigger’

  6. Select ‘Start Key Press’

  7. Select any Number 0/9 (Please note that on Philips you are restricted to 1-8)

  8. Select ‘Play for a configured duration’

    1. Edit duration to match content length or duration you wish to loop content for

  9. Select ‘2. What do you want to Publish?’

  10. Select from the following options:

    1. Single Media Asset - This will show one single piece of media when the Remote Interrupt is triggered for the duration set in the previous step

    2. Playlist - This will show a pre-created Playlist to show for the duration set in the previous step when Remote Interrupt is triggered

    3. Layout - This will show the selected Layout for the duration set in the previous step when the Remote Interrupt is triggered

  11. Select ‘3. Which Players do you want to publish to?’

  12. Press ‘Select Players’

  13. Select one or more Players from Player Manager

  14. Press ‘OK’

  15. Press ‘Review and Publish’

  16. Check information in summary and when ready, press ‘Publish to Players’

Please Note

Although the option is presented, you cannot currently set a Number Press to end your interrupt. Therefore you will need to configure a duration for the interrupt content as per Step 8 above.

You can read more about publishing your chosen content to your Players in the following articles:

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