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Another feature of Signagelive when publishing scheduled content, is the ability to add recurrence.

Within your Signagelive Network, you have the ability to add schedule recurrence which allows you to setup your content to run on specific days and times and allow you to swap between different content (from Playlist to Layout, for example) during different times of the day.

Please Note

This recurrence feature is independent of the Playlist Conditional Playback features. See more on adding Recurrence to Playlist Media Assets, here.

How to access the Recurrence feature?

To use the Recurrence feature within the Publish process, follow these steps:

  • Select the Content menu, whilst logged in to your Signagelive Network as a User or Administrator

  • Select Publish

  • In Step 1, choose Between the chosen dates and times

  • Select a start and end date for your schedule

    • Play until further notice - Play the schedule indefinitely

    • Choose Date - The schedule will be active and live until the date and time you set

  • Select 'Play on selected days' within the Days options

  • Select whichever days you wish your schedule to apply to

  • Choose between:

    • Play all day - You wish your content to show all day on the days selected

    • Play between selected times - You wish to choose a timeframe for this schedule

Dayparting Tip

If you are wanting to publish a schedule that runs across midnight into the next day (dayparting) then you will need to split this into two schedules and publish these with different recurrence times. The first schedule would need to run from your desired start time until 23:59:59 and the second will need to run from 00:00:00 until your desired end time.

Once you have confirmed your Recurrence within your Schedule, you can continue configuring your schedule before publishing, for further instructions, have a look at this section.

Now that you have learned to add recurrence to one schedule, you can set up and publish as many schedules as required to fill your day and manage changes between your Playlists and Layouts at timed intervals.

The alternative method to using Published Scheduled changes would be to use Interrupts to cause these changes to happen following an interaction (see Web Triggers) rather than setting a time criteria.

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