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How to set up Weekly Recurring Schedules
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What is the Weekly Recurring Schedule?

The Weekly Recurring Schedule will allow you to publish Playlists and Layouts on a regular recurring basis over multiple weeks. You can learn how to create a Playlist here. The default setting for weekly recurrence will be 1 week, however, you can alter this to any number of weeks you would like.

Example: Changing the setting from 1 to 2 would schedule this content to display every other week.

A walkthrough video can be seen below:

To access the Weekly Recurrence feature:

  • Log in to your Signagelive account

  • Go to Content tab

  • Choose Publish

  • Select Between chosen dates and times

If you change the selected days to be Play on selected days you will be prompted to select which days you would like your scheduled content to appear.

You will also have the choice to select 'Every X Week(s)':

  • If this is highlighted, your content during this published schedule will only appear on the chosen days within a weekly recurrence, beginning from the Start date you select for the schedule

  • By publishing multiple Playlists or Layouts over different Start dates, you can arrange regular rotations of content on a multiple week duration.

  • You will still have the choice to select Start and End dates for your content and specific times of day

Please Note

We advise that you set a “When nothing else is scheduled” piece of content to make sure there is always something ready to display on your player.

Please Note

At this time, the Enhanced SMIL devices are unable to use this feature without a 1-second gap in between each schedule.

Please Note

Legacy players do not support this feature.

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