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Using Sodaclick
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Sodaclick is a design site that provides you with the tools to create professional looking content.

Sodaclick and Signagelive have worked closely to develop an integration which means you can export your content directly into Signagelive, and any updates thereafter are automatic.

Visit Sodaclick here to find out more, and use the information below to understand how this service works with your Signagelive network:

Designing Your Content

Sodaclick provides a wide selection of customizable templates and a choice of millions of stock images! Use their intuitive designer to add images, text and animations to your content - Get started here.

Posting Your Content

Once you have completed your design then you can post it directly to Signagelive. To do this simply:

  1. Select the Post icon near the top of the screen to send your Sodaclick content

  2. Choose Post to Signagelive

  3. Select Add to your Network. At this point you will be directed to the Signagelive login page

  4. Once you’ve logged in, you can then Authorize your network

  5. Confirm the Network you’d like to post to and select Post

That’s it! Once complete you’ll see a message saying ‘Successfully posted to Signagelive’ and the content will be available in your library within the Playlist area.

Updating your Content

Updating your content couldn’t be easier. Simply login to Sodaclick here and open the template you would like to change. Once you have made your amendments:

  1. Select the Edit Slide option in the top right your screen

  2. Change the content as you would like it to be

  3. Select Post Slide

  4. Select Update

That is it! Save your changes and they will appear on the asset published to your player(s).

Please Note

Your player will require an internet connection to perform the update.

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