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Using a Capture Card Control Asset within a Playlist
Using a Capture Card Control Asset within a Playlist
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Another feature within the Playlist Creator (Content - Playlist - Create/ Edit) in your network is the ability to add a Capture Card to your playlist.

Whether you want to display Live TV in a zone on your Layout, or show it full screen at a scheduled time of the day, the Capture Card asset can be used to display the HDMI Input.

Please Note:

The Capture Card asset will only work on Players that support HDMI input with Signagelive, for devices that support feature this please see this link.

Please Note:

For Tizen/Samsung Players - using the HDMI in/Capture Card Control Asset is not supported on Players in portrait orientation

If you would like to add a Capture Card to your playlist then you must carry out the following steps:

  1. Start by logging in to your Signagelive network as an Admin or User.

  2. Select Content.

  3. Select Playlists > Create/ Edit. Locate the Control Assets folder in the left-hand sidebar of your screen. Enter this folder to find the Capture Card asset.

  4. Drag the Capture Card asset into your playlist,

  5. Once the Capture Card Asset is in your playlist you can set your Duration, Validity, Recurrence, and Conditions like any other asset.

  6. You can now Save, and Publish your Playlist. The Capture Card Asset will display the default HDMI input.

Please Note:

The Duration of the Capture Card Asset should be set for the desired length of viewing. This is to ensure that the Asset does not refresh during viewing periods.

You can watch a video showing how to add a Capture Card to your Playlist below:

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