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Within the Signagelive Playlist Creator, you will find the Upload button, which allows you to add your own media to your Asset Library.

You can upload a selection of media types to Signagelive, this article covers off how to add your own images and videos, known as Media Assets, within Signagelive.

Read how to upload your Media:

To begin uploading media files to your network in the Asset Uploader, you will need to take the following steps:

  1. When logged in to your Signagelive Network, select Content

  2. Select Playlist

  3. Select Create / Edit

  4. Select the blue Upload Button (Blue with white + sign)

  5. Select Media Asset Upload

  6. You can drag and drop content into the upload area from your local folders OR click in the upload area to open a direct link to your file explorer and select your content to add to the upload queue. Note the maximum individual file size you can upload to Signagelive is 3GB.

  7. Tick the checkbox to confirm you have permission to use and distribute the content.

  8. You can minimize the uploader during uploads and will see the status is shown (as a percentage) as well as notifications for each successful (or otherwise) upload.

What types of files can I upload?

Signagelive supports the majority of the commonly used file types, and you are able to simply upload most in the same method. The real question is knowing which particular types of files your Media Players support and that can be answered by using the ‘Supported Media and Features’ article within the ‘Our Media Players’ section of the Help Centre

Where can I find my uploaded Assets?

Once uploaded, your content will appear in your Asset Library and you can navigate to your ‘Recently Added’ folder to see the new assets.

How can I see which Players an Asset has been deployed to?

If you are interested to view a list of Players that a particular asset has been delivered to, you can view this in the Playlist area of Signagelive.

  1. Find the Asset in your Library

  2. Double Click on it, or select the 3 dots to the side of the Asset enter Properties.

  3. Navigate to the Players tab to see where your asset is published, along with when.

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