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The difference between Playlists and Layouts
The difference between Playlists and Layouts
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Take a look at this video to see the differences between a Playlist and a Layout.

What is a Playlist?

A Playlist is a term we use when putting your images, videos, web pages and widgets (collectively known as assets within Signagelive) one item after another on a timeline, which will then be the order content is displayed when published to your display.

Please Note:

A Playlist will always fill either the display or the zone (within a layout) it is published to (see Schedulable Content Zones).

Each Playlist can be as simple as a collection of images playing one after another for a duration of your choosing, or alternatively, a mixture of any supported media types, and will loop for as long as you publish this playlist for, for instance, indefinitely looping all day, every day.

You can learn more about Playlists in this Help Centre section.

What is a Layout?

A Layout is the term we use when you are splitting up a display into multiple content zones and wish to publish a variety of different content at the same time. You can have any number of content zones showing a range of media types, such as Playlists, RSS Tickers like you see on news channels, Static Images, Web Pages and even QR Codes.

A Layout is made up of either static or schedulable content zones, for further information on these and anything else Layout related, check out these articles

Please Note:

You can embed one, or a number of Playlists within a Layout (see Schedulable Content zones), however, you can not add a Layout to a Playlist, for this you would have to use Publishing features to alternate between the two.

Within the Publish process, you can set up schedules to alternate between Playlists and Layouts as you choose, or if you need a more dynamic method, you can set up interrupts and Web Triggers to cause these switches of content to take place.

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