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How do you login to the Message Manager?
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With the Signagelive Message Manager you are moment aways from updating messages that are being shown, so if you are ready to now begin changing your messages or simply just wish to see what text is currently being shown, then you can login to this feature by following this guide. To login to to the Message Manager you will need to follow these steps:

Watch how to login to the Message Manager:

  1. Firstly please open up a web browser of your choice and navigate to;

  2. You will now be required to enter your Signagelive user account details and then click on the Login button.

  3. After clicking login you may be taken to different screens depending on your user level.

Option 1 - You are both an Administrator and Message Manager

If you are an administrator of a network plus a message manager user, then you'll be given the option of which area you'd like to access.

Option 2 - You are an Administrator but not Message Manager user

- If you are just an administrator of a network then you will not be able to access the message manager at all.

Option 3 - You are just a Message Manager user

- If you are just a message manager user only then you'll be taken straight into to see the feeds you can edit.

So depending on your user as described above, all you need to do after clicking the Login button is follow the necessary prompts (if there are any) and you will be soon in the Signagelive Message Manager area. By default you will be taken the main page and will be shown all of the feeds that you have access to with your user account. You are now begin looking at or editing the feeds as you desire.

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