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Conditional Playback - How to set assets to have a Validity Period


When constructing your Playlist Timeline you also have the ability to use a feature called Conditional Playback. The Conditional Playback feature allows you to apply tags (keywords) to your media assets on the Playlist Timeline and allow you to set conditions on whether these files will be allowed to play or not player on your registered Players.

The conditions that make up the Conditional Playback feature are as follows:

  • Validity Period - Allows you to determine when a media asset is active with a Valid From: and Valid To: field. This function allows you to add expiry dates to your media.
  • Recurrence - Allow you to determine when a media asset will be allowed to player over the course of a 7 day period. You can select your media to run on certain days and between a Start and End time to filter when your media is allowed to play.
  • Matching Tags - Allows you to determine whether a media asset will be allowed to play on all players, or players that match or do not match a specific tag (key word).

Watch how to set Validity Periods on Assets:

Read how to set Assets to have a Validity Period?

To set your assets to use the Validity Period feature within the Conditional Playback tools you will need to carry out the following steps:

  1. Firstly please click on the Content menu and then from the drop-down select Playlists.
  2. From the Playlists menu option, please click on Create/Edit and you will be automatically moved to the Playlist Creator on your network.
  3. Please now add the asset you wish to assign a Validity Period to your Playlist Timeline at the bottom of the screen. To help you identify this the Playlist Timeline is coloured yellow and provides the timings for the assets when they are added.
  4. Once the asset has been added to your timeline, please right click this asset.
  5. After clicking this asset you will be presented with a menu and from this you will need to click the Conditional Playback option.
  6. After selecting, a Conditional Playback window will appear with two tabs contained. Thes tabs are Conditional Playback and Playback conditions.
  7. On the Conditional Playback tab, please click the Validity Period option. By default this area will be greyed out on the first use, so by clicking it you should be shown that it becomes active.
  8. When the Validity Period feature becomes active, your first option is to set a Valid From: date and time. To do this, click either the date and time areas under the Valid From: section and you can set this information for your asset(s).
  9. After selecting a Valid From:, you will now need to carry out the same process under the Valid To: option. Once again set the date and time you would wish for your asset(s) to stop running.
  10. After making your Valid From: and Valid To: options, please click the Save button to confirm your settings.
  11. You've now successfully added the Validity Period option to one of your assets. You will now find that simply hovering over your assets with Conditional Playback set to see an overview of your Validity Period settings for the asset.
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