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Cloud update Tuesday 7th June 2022 at 9am BST [Completed]
Cloud update Tuesday 7th June 2022 at 9am BST [Completed]
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What are we updating and Why?

We are releasing an update to the cloud as follows:

Bug Fixes:

  • Legacy Report Exports don't work for Networks with invalid characters in their names, (\ for example)

  • Validate Network name when saving for illegal characters

  • Players not found when searched by new reference 4-10 fields

  • Searching for Players by Tag when using basic search after using advanced search returns

  • Approval warning on Home page doesn't have Yes/No options

  • IAdea Web zone refresh doesn't take interval set in layout into account

  • Correct spelling on notification tool tips

  • Federated (SSO) users affected by Requires 2FA flag

  • IAdea reboot settings are not updated unless changing content check or health check at the same time

  • IAdea tickers not loading

  • MMTE Feeds can’t be approved or rejected if approvals are configured on the Network


  • Update warning when logging in to a network after enabling 2FA

  • Lock a users account after entering a 2FA code incorrect 5 times - the same as for an incorrect password

  • Speed improvement for publications, when using more than 300 players.

  • Handle multiple deactivations of a player via the API so the data remains correct

  • When a DSS widget is added to a playlist or layout, the preference will always default to the first available webpage. Previously it would show blank.

  • If you add a DSS widget to a playlist and save it without opening the properties to set the webpage, the save will fail.

  • If you attempt to add a DSS widget on a network with no synced webpages, the preference will be empty with no available options. It will not be possible to save the playlist with a DSS widget in this state.

  • If a user is a federated user on a network that uses SSO, they must have logged in via SSO

  • Publisher speed improvements

We will be making these updates on Tuesday 7th June 2022 at 9.00 am BST. This update will take up to a maximum of one hour to complete, during which you may notice some periods of unavailability, although this won’t affect your Players connecting to the Signagelive Cloud or their playback.

For further assistance or to learn more about Signagelive solutions and to discuss your digital signage requirements, please get in contact with us.

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