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Unable to install Signagelive on Tizen 3.0+ - 25/10/2022 [RESOLVED]
Unable to install Signagelive on Tizen 3.0+ - 25/10/2022 [RESOLVED]
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25TH OCTOBER - 11.13am

All Tizen applications now rebuilt. We now consider the issue resolved.

If you continue to experience any issues, then please contact our Support Team.

Any customers who reported this to us directly have now been contacted and updated.

25TH OCTOBER - 10.54am

The main Tizen application has now been rebuilt with the updated distributor certificate provided by Samsung and will now install successfully. Please be aware that the version and build number have not changed so existing installs will not update but new installs will get this rebuilt package.

We are now working on updating Native Portrait and Debug application versions.

25TH OCTOBER - 10.17am

We are aware of the global issue impacting customers with Samsung Tizen panel installations and these are a result of a Samsung certificate expiring, which is out of our control. It is impacting other non-Signagelive applications as well.

Our Support Team (APAC) validated the issues last night and then these were passed to our Development Team for review.

Please see further discussion on the Samsung Developer portal about this issue impacting customers.

Samsung have provided Signagelive with a new certificate, which is currently being tested.

Further updates to follow.

25TH OCTOBER - 08.30am

Signagelive Development have created a Support case with Samsung regarding this issue. The issue being related to a Samsung certificate being expired and this impacting installations of the Tizen platform.


We are aware of an issue that is preventing installing the Signagelive client onto Samsung Tizen panels. We believe this to be a core OS issue as we are aware of other vendors being affected. We have escalated to Samsung.

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