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Select LG players impacted by the 1.995 client update [13th Nov, 2023] - ONGOING
Select LG players impacted by the 1.995 client update [13th Nov, 2023] - ONGOING
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Latest Update:

The matter is still being investigated on priority by the Signagelive Support and Development Teams. Any information customers can share about the issue / symptoms / player behaviour would be helpful to expedite our efforts. Debug logs from players would also be invaluable.


  • 15th/16th November The Signagelive Support Team continued to gather information from customers and work closely with the Development Team to replicate the issue and identify a root cause. Given the wide-spread symptoms and low impact rate, this has been difficult.

  • 14th/15th November reports received


We have received scattered reports of LG players falling offline and/or showing black screens since the 1.995 client update was released on Monday, 13th November. Below is what we know:

  • The overwhelming majority of LG players globally have already processed the update and are unaffected by this issue.

  • We suspect based on our own observations and reports from those impacted that the issue is effecting 1-3% of LG players globally.

  • Not all reported issues are the same and the symptoms vary. Black screens, players falling offline, and players reportedly not having successfully updated to the 1.995 client are the more common symptoms currently.

  • In select cases a manual re-install of the Signagelive application has fixed the issue, in others a device factory reset has. But these steps do not consistently address the issue.

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