Complete update sheet for 2020
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UI - Bug Fixes and Improvements

19th October


  • 5th October - Veterans day content and Diwali content added to Marketplace

  • 19th October - Thanksgiving content added to Marketplace

  • 19th October - Portrait weather widgets added to Marketplace


  • 12th October - Fixed remote screenshot memory leak

Amazon Fire OS

  • 5th October - New Amazon Firestick models now supported by Signagelive



UI - Bug Fixes and Improvements

1st September

  • Proof of Play upload bug fix.

  • Fixed remote screenshot returning a black image.


  • 7th September - Released German language clock and weather widgets

  • 7th September - Multi-Room list landscape widget added to Marketplace

  • 28th September - Columbus day and Halloween content added to Marketplace


  • 1st September - Targeted LG firmware updates now available via Support Team.




  • 14th August - Release of additional COVID safety content to the Signagelive Marketplace.

  • 22nd August - Countdown / Count up Apps, Black Business Month, and US Coast guard Day content added to the Signagelive Marketplace.

UI - Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • 20th August - SSSP Update to fix duplicate Proof of Play upload bug.



UI - Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • 7th July - Minor update to improve internal logging to assist with fault analysis

  • 8th July - Minor UI Update to increase the security of Cookies

Build/Developer Site

  • 15th July - New Developer Website - Updated our developer website for ease of use (here)


  • 6th July - Adding support for D line Philips screens listed below:

    • 32BDL4051D

    • 43BDL4051D

    • 55BDL4051D

    • 55BDL4150D

    • 65BDL4150D

    • 75BDL4150D

    • 86BDL4150D

    • 98BDL4150D


  • 15th July - LG Client update to improve validation of model numbers (remove validation of model suffix)



Broadcast Player

  • 22nd June - Modification to Broadcast Player security to only permit Broadcast players connecting to the Broadcast Player API



UI - Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • 11th May - Weekly Recurring Scheduling allows you to set up playlists that display on a weekly recurrence schedule. More information here


  • 1st May - Cinco de Mayo and Mother Day (US) Content added to the Marketplace.

  • 1st May - Portrait Weather Widgets. The weather widget within the Marketplace will now auto-scale if set in a portrait or landscape zone

Tizen (1.18)

  • 4th May - Release the Tizen 1.18 Client.

Broadcast Player

  • 4th May - Added unique instance tracking.



UI - Bug Fixes and Improvements

6th April 2020

  • Fix date bug where some reports are generated one day and others the following.

  • Fix Global comparison bug

  • Change the reports display the At Risk, To Monitor and Ok on tabs and within each category them subdivide into Improving, Static and Declining


  • 6th April - Added German, Italian, Dutch and French News apps to the Marketplace.

  • 20th April - COVID-19 Widget added to Marketplace.


  • 13th April - Add CRC32 validation of media files when downloading

Chrome (1.83)

  • 13th April - Ability to Skip settings page when installing the application remotely

Electron (1.0.43)

13th May 2020

  • Fixed a bug where validity was not taken into account properly when using Media RSS feeds.

  • Fixed a bug where the application would incorrectly size if is started before a monitor was either connected or detected.

  • Fixed a bug when using left to right tickers with a separator image there would sometimes be overlap.

  • Fix for downloading RTEs when players are reactivated.

  • Added ability to run the app in debug mode for Widget Developers.

  • Fixed a bug where the application would still autorun after disabling this setting.

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