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Enable/disable dual screen output on my ChromeOS device
Enable/disable dual screen output on my ChromeOS device
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Requirements before you begin:

  • USB Keyboard and Mouse plugged into your ChromeOS device

If you have a ChromeOS device and would like to enable and/or disable dual screen output to span your screen output across multiple display and determine how the screens are stacked, then you can do this by following the steps below:

  • Please ensure your ChromeOS device is powered on and running Signagelive.

  • With a USB keyboard and mouse attached to your ChromeOS device, please press CTRL+Shift+2

  • This will open the Signagelive Settings screen where you will need to look at the Advanced Display Settings area on the settings screen.

  • Within the Advanced Display Settings section you will see all monitors that are detected by your device.

  • Please now click on the Allow Signagelive to span multiple displays tick box.

  • You can now use the Advanced Display Settings area to configure your Primary Display, Relative Positions of your Displays, Offset the Displays (by pixels) or apply Rotation to your displays.

  • Once you have made your choice and set your settings, please now click the Save Changes button.

  • The Signagelive Settings screen will now close and Signagelive will begin displaying your content again.

For more information about display features please check out our ChromeOS Display Setup Feature FAQs article.

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