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Displaying web-hosted video content on ChromeOS Players
Displaying web-hosted video content on ChromeOS Players
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In some instances where you are displaying a web page on a ChromeOS Player that includes video content, you may find that your video will stop after running for a prolonged period of time. This is due to the autoplay flag not being set on your Organisational Unit within the Google Management Console. We have found that enabling the "autoplay=true" flag that will ensure video content continues playing every time a new cycle of the video content occurs.

How to enable the "autoplay=true" flag

  • Log into the Google Management Console

  • Head to Devices > Chrome > Settings

  • Find the Organisational Unit that houses the Player/device displaying your web page content

  • Under the User and Browser Settings tab, scroll down to the Content section

  • Find the setting for Autoplay Video and click on it

  • In the Allowed URLs field in the Configuration area - enter your URL

    • Include the * wild card within your URL (as per Google's documentation) - this will look something like https://**

  • Hit Save

    Image 2023-11-02 at 4.14.03 PM

Upon completing the steps above, the autoplay flag will be enforced on your web page, and any video content on the specified web page will adhere to this setting.

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